Social Media Commentary: Beenie Man and Bounty Killer #Verzuz, Charlamagne the God, Doja CatEntertainment Entertainment New 

Social Media Commentary: Bounty Killer vz Beenie Man #Verzuz, Charlamagne Tha God and Doja Cat


Social Media Commentary: Bounty Killer vz Beenie Man #Verzuz, Charlamagne Tha God, Doja Cat

Whew! This past week social media has been set ablaze.  Mayheim and messiness abound.  Listen, from here on out Digicel needs to do the Vezuz clashes. Cuz baby, that Bounty Killer vz Beanie Man  was a textbook example of how do a #Verzuz session. No buffering, clear sound, hit after hit after hit.  The po po couldn’t even shut them down! Big ups to the country of Jamaica, they did the dam thing.  They closed out with prayer and beloved Bob Marley’s song 1 Love. 

All of these battle have been just beautiful. People from all over the world have been able to listen and enjoy the music of some of their favorite artists. 

Social Media Commentary: Bounty Killer vz Beenie Man  #Verzuz, Charlamagne Tha God and Doja Cat
Photo: Baaz

On Monday we were treated to another #Verzuz clash  with 112 vz Jagged Edge.  Will all the man bands please stand up!  Too bad Digicel couldn’t do the wi-fi though, because for a minute I thought we were in the matrix. Nevertheless, both groups powered through and gave us hit after hit. Taking viewers down memory lane. For that I am grateful. COVID-19 has brought out the best in the black music community and it’s a beautiful thing to witness despite the horror of the pandemic.

Social Media Commentary: Bounty Killer vz Beenie Man  #Verzuz, Charlamagne Tha God and Doja Cat
Photo: Tidal

Lenard Larry McKelvey, known professionally as Charlamagne Tha God is an author and media personality. He is one of three members of the popular morning program, The Breakfast Club.  Some love him others hate him.  Joe Biden appeared on the Breakfast Club selling his snake oil, I mean, informing potential voters of his plans should he be elected as the 46th President of the United States of America. During the interview Biden, stated “You got more questions? Well I’ll tell you, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,”  Deep negro sigh! Yes, he said that. No the NAACP did not endorse him because they can’t!  For me, his comment is on the same level has ole girl talking about she had hot sauce in her bag! I guess.

Photo: HBO

Some were unbothered by comment, others were big mad! Biden’s tone seemed a little spicy from the start of the interview though. He acted like he had chip on his shoulder.  Charlamagne made a very great point, one that was initially missed.

 “My overall takeaway from the conversation is that I heard him talk about things he did for black people back in the day but what have you done for me lately is my motto. I see black communities catching hell no matter who is in the White House,” Where is the lie?  Regardless of who’s at the helm, black communities continue to suffer. The wealth gap has widened, health disparities are getting worse, black representation in government is dismal and black people are still getting lynched.

Joe Biden’s record is highly suspect and only slightly salvaged by his stint as former President, Barack Obama’s VP.   Joe Biden was a racist, coddled them, and supported racist laws that harmed black people. Period!  I guess after his racist rehab, all is well now? Expecting more from elected officials in return for your vote is not a vote for the fraudster that currently occupies the White House. 

One more thing, apparently many felt the urge to throw salt by saying Charlamagne wasn’t “qualified” to hold that that type of interview. Really? Who does the qualifying. Dont know body want them stale, politically correct interviews. Part of Charlamagne’s appeal is that he asks the hard questions, the ones that guest like to skirt around. He breaks it down and keeps it simple. From the responses pouring in, his listeners appreciated the interview.

I consistently keep saying There is nothing wrong with holding leadership to the fire. –


I’m so glad black ppl are starting to hold the democratic parties feet to the fire. This is past due!


Hey @cthagod I really appreciate the commentary you’re starting. It’s making me view the election very differently. I was definitely one of the “just get Trump out of office” people but you’ve made me start looking at my vote very differently and I appreciate you for that. Thank you.

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Doja, Doja, Doja. The Twitter cancel bandits have been trying to get this girl gone since forever. Apparently, over the weekend screen shots, Alt Right chat room videos and song lyrics appeared that did not cast Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini known professionally as  Doja Cat in the best light.  Her song, “Dindu Nuffin” is a swipe at black victims of violence.  Her explanation for the song does not match the receipts that have been swirling around on the internet. For some she is problematic AF! Doja Cat is being accused of being racist and anti-black despite having a father that is African. Her mother is white. Which we know this does not mean nuffin! Especially since she was not raised by her father.   Doja did issue an apology, but most aren’t trying to hear it seeing how some of her online activity is recent.  Do better Doja Cat! The world is literally watching.

Whelp, be careful out there in them Rona streets, she is still on the BS.

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