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Maxi Dresses: Undergarments and Accessories to Pull of A Smooth Look

Maxi dresses will forever be in style.  They make for the perfect warm weather outfit. They don’t  require a lot of maintenance and depending on your height only require a simple hymn. To be sure you look dam good in your maxi dress, you want to add a few things to your snatched beauty bag. Some women like to go all natural aka no undergarments and some want to minimize the jiggle.

maxi, dress, black, woman, fashion
                                                      Photo: Ashro

So, whatever your choice is, I’m going to share with you some items that can help you pull off your maxi dress look.

  • Breast lift tape. Works great when you don’t  need a bra but you still want the girls to perk up. Or if the girls are  already perky, you may use it to cover your nipples.
  • Double sided Fabric tape. Works great if you are a bit more on the modest side and want to close a low cut dress or close up spaces in between your buttons.
  • Fabric tape. Great for a  quick garment hem. Does not require sewing, only a hot iron.
                                                             Photo: Ashro

maxi, dress, black, woman, fashion
                                                       Photo: Ashro
  • A good strapless bra. All strapless bras aren’t created equal, so be sure to get one that has really good grips on the inside of the band. Get at least two, black and skin toned
  • Tank strap bra. For maxi dresses with the tank style back, this type of bra is good.
  • A great pair of underwear or none at all. Seamless panties in a boy short or thong style work well. If you choose to forgo the underwear be sure to use a deodorized body spray that reduces moisture. A sweaty cooch is not the business.
  •  Open bust slip or body suit. They work great for those that still want some type of control under their maxi dress and they won’t leave your breast looking smashed.
maxi, dress, black, woman, fashion
                                                                     Photo: Open Bust Body Suit


Now let me get back to these internet streets in search of some  maxi dresses. Whatever you wear, rock it with confidence. To purchase those fabulous looks featured in the photos visit http://www.ashro.com (I’m not getting paid for this plug).

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