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The Great Xscape Tour Experience

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If anyone has seen my sideburns, edges and kitchen let them know I’m looking for them. The Great Xscape Tour at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Fl was dope as heck. This tour has  box offices twerking for sure.

The opening act, June’s Diary (Gabrielle Carreiro; Brienna DeVlugt; Kristal Lyndriette-Smith; Shyann Roberts; Ashly Williams ) set it off with their fiery, powerful, yet sultry voices. They performed their hits, Wrap Around, All of Us, Good Time and I Know Why You Calling, along with paying honor to Envogue, New Edition and Beyonce. These ladies have most certainly earned their wings and are ready to fly. If you are going to The Great Xscape Tour be sure get there early so you don’t miss them. They were on stage  promptly at 7:30pm. If you aren’t able to attend, I found some great footage recorded by Zach Simmons of their performance.  You really have to hear them live. Voices such as theirs don’t come along very often. They have also formed a partnership with “The Fresh Dolls”  by creator Dr. Lisa Williams. Soon they will have a line of doll’s  created in their likeness. Let’s support these ladies!

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Zonnique, Tiny’s Baby ( that’s what I call her ) lol. Performed several cuts as well. She’s a freshman in the Industry, but commanded the stage like a pro.  The girl can dance.  I have to be honest,  prior to the concert I had only heard one of her songs. Afterwards, I quickly hit up Tidal  and found her EP, Love Jones.  The future is very very bright for this young lady!  It also helps to have Tiny as your mom to keep you focused and inspired!

Xscape, Tour, Monica, Tamar
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Tamar..and her room shaking vocals were most certainly a treat.  Tamar became a bit emotional during her performance of “Blind”, from  her new album “Blue Bird of Happiness” and shared very candidly about her pending divorce from her husband Vincent Herbert. Hearing Tamar live makes me feel like I have been cheated, because I wish she wasn’t retiring.  There have been some talk about her set being “low budget” or whatever, but I consider that  to be a low blow. Here she is trying to push through what is most certainly a very difficult time in her life. She is on stage giving it her all and leaving nothing  behind and that’s what you walk away with?  Any who,  stay strong Tamar and continue to bring it with them vocals. Who knows maybe she will reconsider her retirement.

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Miss Thang, Miss Thang, Miss Thang… aka Monica. Her set tore down the house. She walked us down memory lane while belting out all of the fan favorites such as, Just One of them Things, Angel, and Before you Walk out of My life.  Monica has been in game since 1995 and still has staying power. Her vocals were crystal clear and I swear she don’t age! Monica wouldn’t be Monica though if she didn’t have wardrobe changes.  Honey she had three and was fly in all of them. Can we talk about those red boots for a moment though? I promise her and Mary J. Blige need to do a boot collaboration. They stay slaying.  Shout-out to Monica’s Stylist.  Monica can pack a house out on her own. This was my second time hearing her and I would love to attend a solo concert of hers. You are in for a treat.

Xscape, Tour, Junes, Diary, Tamar, Trick, Daddy, Trina,
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Forget the haters, Xscape ( Kandi Burruss, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, LaTocha Scott, and Tamika Scott) cut up and held nothing back.  They even took us to church, yup!   Awe man, it was so beautiful.  The love  fans showed Xscape was unreal. Everyone  was out of their seats, swaying from side to side as they sung in unison to all of their favorite hits, almost had a girl tear up. My Little Secret, To Night, Just Kickin’ It, Understanding, Feels so Good,  and Softest Place on Earth- the hits kept coming. The crowd really went wild when Trick Daddy joined LaTocha for “Thug Holiday”. R&B needed this so bad, I’m so glad the girls agreed to do the tour because  the timing has been perfect.

Apparently, we all have been starving for some good old R&B music by black artists. Ticket sales don’t lie.  Just recently it was announced that their show in Columbus, GA has sold out!  They sound so good together. They are making new music, but without Kandi (bummers).  The ladies did not hold back either. After all these years, they still got it y’all. I hear a different energy when they sing  now. I guess life experiences will do that to you.

Xscape, Tour, Junes, Diary, Tamar
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I know, it was a long night, but honey the party really got started when Trick Daddy and Trina graced the stage once more. That’s right, Mr. You Don’t Know Nann and the Diamond Princess herself set it off. You can’t be in the 305 and not have them on set, you just can’t. To top it off, the DJ hit us up with some of Uncle Luke’s old cuts. Baby, you know you start twerking involuntarily when Uncle Luke comes on. I mean, it was a whole lot of twerking going on. Man they even started smoking weed in the venue. You can’t convince me it wasn’t weed. Proof- I had the dang munches after the show.  My grapes and popcorn that I had back at the room weren’t going to cut it!  Tuh, welcome to Miami. I betcha you won’t wait to the last minute again (that’s the self talk I had after sitting in the nosebleed section).   Side note: the nosebleed section be a lil turnt though.  I’m still grateful because the ticket was a gift from my children.

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Prior to Trick and Trina, Sammie another  South Florida native took us back with his performance of, “I like It”. (Sammie  done growed up). The Great Xscape Tour was worth attending.  It was a very wonderful experience. My only  regret is that I didn’t meet June’s Diary. I’m not worried though they will be headlining there own show in due time, trust!  Whelp, let me get back to work.  Thanks for stopping by!










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