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10 Signs That You Have Lost Your Sense of Self Love In A Relationship


10 signs that you have lost your sense of self love in a relationship, some of the signs are subtle, but not all of the.  Everyone moves differently in relationships. One thing is certain though, someone is always paying attention. Often times it’s because of others that we realize we have fallen off and begun to neglect ourselves. 

1. Your compromise makes you question your character. You’re doing things that were once non-negotiables for you, but they won’t do the same for you.

2. You accept open disrespect. Paying more attention to the phone when you’re supposed to be spending quality time together. Calling you out of your name as if you were a chick in the street are clear signs of your significant others lack of respect for you.Content, Queen, Submit
3. You dismiss your dreams and goals.  That vision and goal oriented woman no longer exists.  You become comfortable in mediocrity.

4. You start to believe the verbal insults. You once had such a strong view of self, now you consistently putting your own self down.

5. Being with your significant other feels like a chore. The thought of being with them brings anxiety and makes your skin crawl, yet you stay.

6. You no longer take pride in your appearance. You have just let yourself go. Looking presentable is not a priority. You spend any extra funds on your partner and take a back seat.

7. You think about harming yourself. You entertain the idea of suicide.

8. You can’t function without them in your life. If this individual is not in your immediate sight or reach,  you lose focus.

9. You defend your significant others disrespect of you.

10. In an effort to keep them, you disregard the negative impact the relationship has on your children.

Love can be complicated and no relationship is perfect. However, losing the very essence of who you are, trying to hold on to someone that could care less about you is a clear sign that something is wrong. Get back to you, get back to healthy love.

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