Podcast Episode 9 Jamiah Dancil, CEO of MiaJay Foods

Janet Michelle interviews Jamiah Dancil, CEO of MiaJay Foods. I hesitate to say that black women are making a come back in the food industry, because if you check their history they always been at the forefront of meal planning and recipes that get passed down from generations to generations.   Recipes that have created world famous restaurants and products.  During my interview with Jamiah we talk about food, family, and spices.  Balancing life while providing a healthy meal for your family.  Listen to the podcast here.

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R. Kelly Supporters: Admit you Don’t Mind Black Girls or Women Being Victimized cuz you Don’t Care ‘Bout us

Social media is very telling. Sure! You post memes that sound good. It doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily talking about your life. But, when you post opinions about certain situations, that can’t be disputed. It’s easy for the FB community to tell if you’re trash, tolerable of trash behavior, and/or just a sad individual. For instance, R.Kelly has been arrested three times within the last few months, most recently The Pide Piper was arrested last night. With a 13-count indictment, on his head, the 52-year old was arrested, while walking…

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Friendships: The People we Meet Along the way

“No man is an island.”  A phrase that I remember hearing growing up. At the time, I wasn’t quite sure why having people in your life was so important, but as I grow older, I am grateful for the friendships I have. A true friendship contributes to one’s overall health. According to Mayo Clinic: “Friends also play a significant role in promoting your overall health. Adults with strong social support have a reduced risk of many significant health problems, including depression, high blood pressure and an unhealthy body mass index…

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Divine Feminine Energy: The Real Power of the “P”

As beings, we all have a masculine and feminine side to us. Logic is mostly masculine and intuition is more so feminine. The whole men are from Mars and women are from Venus concept is the simple way to put it. Mars represents passion and aggression, while Venus represents softer and more receptive side of us. Once you understand that, you can more so understand the beautiful side of the divine feminine energy. Simply put, it’s understanding and balancing your true self. Honoring and connecting to the Divine Feminine is…

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Podcast Episode 8: Bolaji Ajike, CEO of Afroganix

According to Nielsen, black spending power now hovers around 1.2 trillion dollars. That’s a lot to spending power. However, the length of time the black dollar circulates in the community is not nearly long enough. According to the Austin Weekly News, Black people in America have a gross national income of about $1.3 trillion.  Only 2 percent – or about $26 billion of those $1.3 trillion – is re-circulated in the Black community. So, platforms such as Afroganix are very necessary. They have the potential to impact the circulation of…

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