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Brand Poaching

Brand Poaching!  What it is and why it gets on my one last good nerve. Seriously though, it is often said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. That’s all well n’ good until someone totally rips your product or idea and fails to give you an ounce of credit. I have noticed this, particularly amongst black beauty brands and creatives. Here recently, Sephora, Moschino, and Beauty Guru Jeremey Scott collaborated to produce a line of cosmetic items that look eerily similar to “The Crayon Case” a brand owned…

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Build Your Own Brand Retreat ReCap

The Build Your Own Brand Retreat is officially in the books. Hosted in the beautiful melinated city of Washington, DC at the well appointed Omni Shoreham Hotel & Conference Center. Over the span of two days attendants had access to over 35 well developed workshops. Facilitated by experts in their respective fields, keynote addresses from entrepreneurs such as Blavity’s Co-Founder, Jon Jackson, Antonio Brown, CEO of LVLXIII and Yvonne Orji with Gia Peppers. Up to $20,000 in SMB Grants awarded to entrepreneurs via the Pitch Competition presented by Verizon. Recipients…

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Brief Reminder: Social Media is a Controlled Environment

Social media is what you make it. The controlled environment could either bring plenty of laughter or negative energy—it’s up to you. Often times, people complain about others & we all do it, but the delete or unfollow button is always available. My TL is pretty positive. Even if there is mess, it’s so small that majority of folks overlook it. But, they are quick to post a screenshot or comment on the latest trending topic. But, that’s a part of it. Since it is a controlled environment, people must…

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Do Not Disturb: Your Friends Can’t Carry Your Cross

We all love our friends. I mean, they could be some really great people. But, sometimes having friends can be draining. Not because they’re dead weight or cause problems but sometimes they don’t consider if you have the capacity to assist. At some point, we all should be mindful of how many conversations we have about the same ol’, same ol’.  We all have a cross to carry and sometimes there’s no capacity for anyone to help you carry yours, especially if you’re choosing to drag a burden. These past…

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The Resurgent Attack on Women’s Rights, What’s The Endgame

With the resurgent attacks on women’s rights, what’s the endgame? Women across the country are mad as hell and rightfully so. As anti-abortion bills are being passed swiftly and against the will of the majority-thanks to gerrymandering (but that’s another topic). Most recently, Alabama’ s -Abortion Bill and Georgia’s – “Heart Beat” Bill have become part of a growing number of states short-sighted efforts to reverse the right of women being able to have safe abortions.  A right that has been upheld for over the past 40 years by the…

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