Will You Watch: Queen & Slim?

Listen, anything Lena Waithe puts her hands on I’m trying to see. Her  artistic style is unapologetic and black AF.  Out the gate Queen & Slim holds ones attention. So, it’s no surprise that Queen & Slim slated for release  November 2019, has generated lots of  buzz already.  To date, the official trailer has garnered 4.3 million views on YouTube.  Queen & Slim follows the story of a black couple (Daniel Kaluuya) and (Jodie Turner-Smith) on the run after  a violate encounter during a traffic stop. Directed by Grammy Award…

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Bitter Baby Momma’s and Yes, I’m Going There

I typically stay away from topics like this, but not today.  Ladies, get it together. I’m talking about the bitter Bettie’s.  The ones who do any and everything to keep the father out of their child’s life.  Not because they fear for the child’s safety, but because they are bitter, mad, angry and upset that man has chosen to move on with their life and be happy. That’s it! They refuse to accept the fact that the relationship is done and over with  and spend all their lil energy trying…

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#Girlkeepgoing: Transparency— “I couldn’t release the book, until I was done being bitter.”

I announce the release date of my audiobook (Girl. Keep Going.) this week. Honestly, I couldn’t release the book, until I was done being bitter. People pretend that bitterness isn’t a normal reaction to being hurt and that’s a lie. I was supposed to start a family with this man and we’re no longer together and I’m supposed to not become bitter? Yeah, that’s cute (sarcasm). I was so damn angry but it was really just hurt. I felt mistreated & bamboozled. What the hell happened? Like, really? What just…

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#GirlKeepGoing: “Thank you for Allowing me to Share my Heart With you!”

Since January, I have shown the ups and downs of my healing process. You’ve known when I was depressed, happy, bitter, sad, happy again, and when I finally got to the point that I was no longer stuck in sadness. I just simply wanna thank you for allowing me to share my heart with you. Have you signed up to the #girlkeepgoing newsletter? Click here! I’ve always been transparent, and talking about a failed relationship isn’t anything new. But, this time around was different. I’m now 31 and my perception…

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Champiun, Bubble Season Album Review: The Hood’s Favorite Rapper

“Koopa, from Lil’ Supa!” Champiun AKA Champ Brown, is the hood’s favorite rapper. Since 2014, the Moss Point native, more importantly, K-Town representa, has been giving the hood albums that many would consider classics. Six projects later, he has blessed the streets again with Bubble Season. We gon’ bubble Then we gon’ pop Produced by Marlo Mixed It, the melodic beats paired with pain and joy, it’s clear that the independent artist has truly lived the life that he raps about. He ain’t flaugin’! As a murder charge once lingered…

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